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The Team

The partners of Aimee Graves and Associates joined together to provide operational expertise and common-sense solutions to dynamic organizations. Our senior leaders and consultants individually average 20 years of experience with community impact organizations in the U.S., Europe, and Canada. 

We have managed through highly complex periods of growth opportunities, change management, and crisis. You can be sure we have first-hand knowledge of the operational and organizational culture challenges you face.


Aimee Graves


Aimee is passionate about partnering with leaders across health and human services and helping them customize, plan, and execute the strategies needed to take them to the next level. Whether they need to increase employee satisfaction, generate revenue, or stage a large-scale expansion, her team is there to deliver the mindset, strategies, tools and attitude for organizations to scale any mountain they face.


With degrees in communications, psychology and nonprofit management, Aimee has extensive operational, change management, and organization development experience with an extensive background in all aspects of social service leadership, visioning, strategic planning, project management, and a solid track record of building strong, effective teams that generate measurable results in the community. She builds successful partnerships across community sectors and has a deep knowledge of and experience in various collaboration models. She helps organizations’ leadership identify and address impending challenges and take advantage of business opportunities.

Since 1998, Aimee has been “working the standards” for CARF, International with organizations that provide mental health and substance use disorders services and providers who specialize in services for children, youth, and families. She has over twenty-five years of significant nonprofit leadership in health and human services, encompassing a broad range of prevention education, community development, early intervention, and treatment services.

Leveraging organizational leadership and management experience, Aimee facilitates systems-level strategies and convenes conversations that transform meetings, conferences, and learning experiences. She combines the science of experiential learning with the power of community building that evolves the way people, organizations, and community sectors learn from each other.

As Principal of Aimee Graves and Associates, LLC, Aimee provides individuals and organizations with a variety of leadership, strategy, organizational effectiveness, performance, and executive coaching services. 

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