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Mission & Values

Our Mission
To activate the assets of community impact organizations to make positive changes in the lives of those they serve.

Our Values

1. Put People first. We focus on enriching culture as well as strategies. We spark widespread resourcefulness, and build capacity to thrive in the health and human services sector.

2. Co-Create Enthusiastically.
Business is a team sport. We cultivate cross-functional collaboration that results in better solutions.


3. Ask Better Questions.
We bring expertise to our clients through discovery, dialogue, and interactivity. 

4. Pursue the Unexplored

Lasting change, and fulfilment, comes through encouraging ourselves to imagine new ideas, processes, and solutions. We bring courage and creativity to our work with clients.

5. Find Your Compass. Because human innovation, creativity, and wellness can grow from a foundational connection with nature and mindfulness, we help our clients amplify their inherent strengths and navigate toward organizational health.​ 

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