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About Us

At Aimee Graves & Associates, we facilitate change management for health and human services organizations and industries. Our services focus on teams- and systems-level culture and operations. We co-create the best possible strategies for its future and the people you serve. We are not consultants who are bringing you the “answers”. Using the principles of adult learning and appreciative inquiry, along with today's best practices in social services, we unlock the power of your own people to innovate and implement strategies with
high levels of engagement.


Ask. Invite. Unlock.

Oftentimes, the biggest roadblocks facing organizations come from within, or from within the systems in which they operate. How quickly leaders can move from a reactive to a creative way of decision-making frequently determines an organization's level of success in adapting to change in a fast-paced world. Changing the lens through which gatekeepers view the challenges and opportunities that arise can move the culture of an organization or system from reactive problem-solving to creative solution-finding.

Our approach at Aimee Graves & Associates creates conditions that inspire groups of people from across all organizational levels and functional areas to engineer efficiency, effectiveness as satisfaction into day-to-day operations--all essential elements in making yours a successful enterprise. 

 Professionally guided, results-oriented conversations.

Whether you are undertaking a new strategic planning process, finding new sources of revenue, preparing for a CARF accreditation survey, building on clinical outcome data, or designing improved treatment and service delivery systems, we help you successfully move your operations in a generative and sustainable direction. 
We get a lot done through the use of science-backed interaction patterns and powerful questions. This builds collective buy-in of the strategies and the future of your organization much more quickly and establishes an operating rhythm that steadily drive results.  Our structured approach will help your organization get more things done well.

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