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Facilitation & Change Management

We convene small and large groups of people using a strengths-based approach grounded in appreciative inquiry and adult learning principles. Our facilitation process:

  • Leverages content you can use now, connection, and community to create powerful learning environments. This builds and strengthens a collaborative and generous community so you can create value for the people you serve. 

  • Creates safe social environments with your colleagues so you can learn from one another's expertise and knowledge.

  • Creates conditions across your organization (or system, community or team) that lead to a legitimate sense of community, an increased ability to problem-solve, and capacity to learn so you can better serve your constituents.

  • Offers a generative, yet practical, process model for approaching change at all levels within an organization or system, from one-on-one executive coaching, to team building, to system-wide change.

  • Aligns your workforce and other stakeholders by implementing the 5-I Framework.








Aimee Graves & Associates assists organizations in realizing and capturing the benefits of diverse stakeholders that impact an organization's ability to capitalize on its opportunity areas. Facilitation through customized conversations helps you shape your organization's or industry's future, transform culture, create a shared identity, and capture opportunities. This results in:

  • Increased external and internal stakeholder satisfaction

  • Improved service delivery

  • Market share expansion opportunities

  • More cohesive, engaged teams

  • Conflict resolution practices and processes

  • Compliance with federal and state regulations, and funders' expectations

Our approach incorporates appreciative inquiry at the organizational level to impact both culture and processes that bring about practical results you can apply right away. Using the 5-I Framework, we construct a series of tailored conversations for your team. These conversations allow you to either solve your biggest challenges, transform how you work together, or even reimagine and reshape your future.


Facilitation is conducted virtually, in person, or a hybrid combination of both. We deliver real-time results.

Contact us to begin a conversation. 

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