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CARF Accreditation Preparation


Consultants with Aimee Graves & Associations will work with you, your staff, and other stakeholders who will contribute to your organization's preparation for the accreditation of its own programs and services. Our chief survey consultant has more than 20 years of experience of working the standards.

We believe in using technology to maintain a high-paced accrediting preparation process while keeping expenses down. We will do a lot of our work with you using Zoom and Microsoft Teams. That includes orienting you to the standards, training, conscious conversations design, and more. We use web-based technology to save you money on travel expenses.

Accreditation Preparation

Today's environment requires effective change in order to maintain high-quality service delivery in the context of the regulatory environment.


We partner with your core leadership- and steering- committee teams to bring about creative solutions that best meet the needs and abilities of your organization, your community partners, and those your serve. Using a collaborative approach, our team supports leadership to find practical and reasonable ways to enable:

  • Effective preparation for CARF accreditation

  • Streamlined operationalization of back office business functions

  • Integration of CARF principals into your organization

  • Organizational identity identification and/or development

  • Change management

Areas of Focus

We are dedicated to optimizing your business and organizational operations through best practice identification and continuous quality improvement efforts. We prepare organizations seeking CARF accreditation in the areas of:

  • Children & Youth Services

  • Behavioral Health

  • Substance Use Disorders

  • Prevention / Health Promotion

  • Governance

  • Business Functional Areas

Mock Surveys

We offer stand-alone, two or three day mock surveys. If you decide you would like to work with us afterwards, we can provide you with guidance for accreditation readiness.

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