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Fractional Executives

C-SuiteTalent Retained on a Part-Time Bases

Leadership Solutions


Fractional Executives

It is an expensive and risky step to hire a C-suite executive. Frequently business leaders defer hiring a CEO, COO or CFO but still need expert guidance. Aimee Graves & Associates offers experienced C-suite talent that can be retained on a part-time basis, to assist with the strategic aspects of a support function without the risk and expense of an immediate hire. Our culture rewards teamwork so although you will work with one functional leader, you will benefit from the experience and wisdom of our entire team.  And, we pride ourselves on our honest, straightforward approach.  When you are ready for full-time functional leadership, we will help you with the transition.


Business Planning

Pursuing a well thought out strategy without an integrated business plan is, frankly, operating on hope. Don’t want to do the work alone? We can take it off your plate. Once you clarify your strategy, we will help to break it down into an action plan so that your entire team will understand what needs to happen, when, and who is accountable. Strategies are translated into initiatives and then projects that are prioritized by quarter. Your roadmap will consider capital requirements and be tied to your financial results. And your roadmap will establish metrics allowing you to manage change and monitor performance and impact. The plan is documented for communication to multiple audiences, funders, your governing board and your team to ensure a common understanding of goals, impact and timing.  

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